Wood doors and windows


In our industry, we are witnessing a revaluation of wood as the only building material which is natural and truly eco-friendly, timeless for its mechanical, insulating and beneficial properties.

Entirely manufactured by us, it is the only product that offers the possibility of customized varnishing in colour and tone, such as for example the “two tone”: enamelled on the outside for landscape or other constraints, and in wood tone on the inside on customer request.

The varnishing is carried out by applying 3 coats of varnish to be truly effective for durability, protection and maintenance purposes.

The innovative and more environmentally friendly water-based varnishes, that don't have the old problem of peeling resulting in total revarnishing, significantly increase the protection and durability, maintenance is reduced to an occasional, easy and quick "do it yourself" operation with a wood conditioner, comparable to a simple cleaning, carried out every two years to avoid the revarnishing.


The traditional technology "Air gap 4mm" that we have adopted and maintained, provides greater guarantee of safety and sealing of the door or window. This excellent technology has been abandoned by most of the manufacturers to reduce costs, but also the quality of the product.



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