5 reasons to choose a 3B product


1.    The reliability of a small artisan business, but with modern equipment and well-organized, dynamic, precise and punctual which respects agreements and delivery times.

2.    The direct negotiation with the owner, able to recommend to its customers the best materials and accessories for the type of product required.

3.    The CE Marking, which indicates that a product conforms to legal requirements in specific European technical standards known as harmonised European Norms.

4.    The right price for superior products and services without any speculations or quality cuts.

5.    The product made of wood, we are witnessing a revaluation of wood as the only building material which is natural and truly eco-friendly, recommended for the physical and mental wellbeing of individuals and against electromagnetic pollution.
Strong point of our business, wood is warm and elegant, noble and natural, irreplaceable and imitated.
The only product that offers the possibility of customized varnishing in colour and tone.
The innovative and more environmentally friendly water-based varnish with 3 coats, significantly increases the protection and durability, while maintenance is strongly reduced.
The traditional technology "Air gap 4mm" that we have adopted and maintained, provides greater guarantee of safety and sealing of the door or window. This excellent technology has been abandoned by most of the manufacturers to reduce costs, but also the quality of the product.


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