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3B Falegnameria is a carpenter shop of the province of Turin with decades of expertise.

We are a small family business with the Italian recognition of “Artisan Excellence” and “CE Marking”, specialized in the manufacturing of wood doors and windows with a high thermoacoustic insulation system and which are burglar-resistant.

The varnishing is carried out with water-based eco-varnish for a higher resistance to deterioration.

We are properly equipped in order to provide superior products, extremely punctual and we respect delivery times. Possibility to make customized products.

Even if we work with modern equipment, we respect the criteria of craft production “Made in Italy”.

Expertise, dynamism and advanced equipment are indispensable features to immediately solve any problem that may arise during the work.


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3B Falegnameria


Via Torino 15/2 bis
10060 Roletto (TO)